Unique And Exotic Locations Are What You Can Expect From Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure
Overseas Adventure

For the purposes of this website, being located in the western hemisphere, “Overseas” is any overseas destination not covered elsewhere on this site.

Adventure travel can take you to far off and exotic locations. The cultures you’ll experience are ancient and the landscapes are spectacular. Not only is each location unique but each location usually has an activity or adventure uniquely it’s own.

Adventure Travel in Nepal

Nepal offers travellers the Mount Everest base camp experience. It also offers many hiking and trekking adventures. Nepal is truly a primal and breathtaking experience for any adventure traveller. No asia travel and adventure experience would be complete without a trip to Nepal.

Adventure Travel China

China on the other hand offers you a chance to not only hike but to actually sleep on the Great Wall! China also provides adventure travellers many different types of hiking and trekking excursions.

Adventure Travel Mongolia

Live the life of a local in Mongolia. Travel tips for adventure travellers wishing to experience the simple rustic life of a true Mongol.

Cambodia Adventure Travel

Cambodia’s Jungle Wats and exotic culture are a must see for any traveller. When you take part in Cambodia adventure travel tours you’ll discover and experience the beauty of this amazing country.

Singapore Adventure Travel

With about 23% of Singapore’s land area consisting of forest and nature reserves, active adventurists will have many hiking and trekking opportunities to explore. Plus, Singapore also has many different festivals which makes it great for those looking to immerse themselves in the culture.

Overseas Adventure Travel Tours

If you are the type of person that prefers to have someone who oversees adventure travel planning for them then you need to book with one of the top oversea adventure travel companies.

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