Singapore Adventure Travel – An Exploration Of Nature & Culture

Benefiting from one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world, travel in Singapore is among the most interesting and unique. The culture and history will literally draw you in, along the way, getting into your blood in a way that makes you want to return again and again to explore the area.

Known as one of the four Tigers of Asia, Singapore is an incredibly lovely place. You can see the sights and sounds of Singapore and avoid the tourist crowds if you so desire by visiting some of the vast array of off-the-beaten-path locations.

Singapore Travel And Tourism Information For Adventure Tourists
Singapore Travel And Tourism Information For Adventure Tourists

Singapore Travel And Tourism Information For Adventure Tourists

The culture of Singapore is enticing and the food literally remarkable. You will want to experience as much as you can while you travel in Singapore. A few “off the beaten path” locations include:

Chinatown Heritage Centre – Singapore history comes alive when you visit the Heritage Centre. The center is literally alive with the past and present, stories of how Singapore was settled and how the culture has evolved. If you’re interested in the colourful and fascinating history of Singapore, it all starts here.

Are you hungry for a taste of the outdoors? The climate in Singapore is nothing if not welcoming. Take advantage of that climate when you visit MacRitchie Reservoir Park. The park is the country’s oldest reservoir. You can spend some time jogging, sailing, fishing, or just relaxing in a beach chair. However, the truly adventurous will want to hike the TreeTop Walk. A 4.5km long free standing suspension bridge connecting the two highest points in MacRitchie; Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang.

Singapore adventure travel would not be complete without a look at some of the smaller villages and towns. One such area that is not to be missed during your visit to Singapore is Pulau Ubin. A tiny village area, it is home to only 100 odd people. Visit the area and find the kind of welcome that any traveller would be thrilled with. The local people here are welcoming and friendly, many times offering a meal or a look at their fascinating lifestyle.

Pulau Ubin is also home to The Ketam Mountain Bike Park, Singapore’s first park to meet international standards for mountain biking competitions. This 45-ha park caters to both leisure cycling as well as international competition. With a number of tracks featuring different levels of difficulty and riding styles Ketam Mountain Bike Park is a must visit location for active adventure tourists travelling in Singapore.

For those travellers on a cultural adventure no visit to Singapore would be complete without a visit to Tiger Balm Gardens. This Singapore theme park offers you more than 100 dioramas and as you wander, you will view more than one thousand statues that range from whimsical to classical.

Singapore plays host to a staggering number of festivals annually. When you are in Singapore, make it a point to seek out the ethnic festivals taking place there, including Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese.

Once you’ve finished touring Singapore you’ll definitely want to experience what some of the other southeast Asian countries have to offer. The best way to do so is by a “roaming” tour such as Gap’s Colours of Asia – Singapore to Bangkok. Roaming tours provide you with prearranged accommodations and transportation allowing you to roam where you want to and choose your own activities.

Make sure you enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the tastes of the many different cultures that have shaped this country with a Singapore adventure travel vacation.

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