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 Adventure Travel Planning Advice
Adventure Travel Planning Advice

Before embarking on an adventure travel vacation it is absolutely necessary to plan ahead. Especially if international travel is on your agenda. If you’re a relative newbie and don’t have any experience with adventure travel, preparation and research are a must in order to avoid or at the very least minimize any possible problems.

There are a couple of ways to plan an adventure travel vacation. You can book one through the many adventure travel companies online. Or you can do all the research and book your own trip using travel planning sites.

Adventure Travel Companies

If you prefer the security and simplicity of booking through a company I personally recommend Gap Adventures. They have the best combination of exciting exotic locales and affordable prices. You will find a number of their trips and tours featured on this site.

If on the other hand, the thought of doing all the leg work yourself sounds like fun, there are a number of travel planning sites available online to help you. The two that I use and highly recommend are Real Adventures and Trip Advisor.

Real Adventures is a website that specializes in putting travellers in touch with travel related businesses and their services. They are like the Craig’s List or Kijiji of adventure travel. They have a number of search options to choose from such as destinations, activity or accommodations.

Trip Advisor on the other hand helps travellers plan their trips by providing customer ratings and reviews of accommodations, restaurants, companies and other aspects of travel planning. They also provide travellers with one of best search engines for finding cheap flights online.

Personally, I find that the two travel planning sites tend to compliment each other. If I come across an interesting tour, accommodation or activity being offered by a company on Real Adventures I’ll always check Trip Advisor to see if that company is in their database. If it is, I’ll check the customer reviews and compare rates before making any booking decisions.

However, booking your own adventure travel vacation is not a task to be taken lightly. You will need to source out and book all of your accommodations, make all the flight and ground travel arrangements, book all of your activities and find your own guides if necessary.

Don’t forget about equipment. Depending on the trip that you choose some of the activities may require special equipment or clothing. Be sure you know exactly what is needed before you head out.

Medical Travel Insurance Coverage For Adventure Travel

Travel insurance for an adventure travel vacation really isn’t optional. Unless you have a personal plan that fully covers you for allmedical expenses. Especially for adventure travel related activities. You really need to do your homework to make sure that you’re fully covered.

Of course, if you don’t want to go all out and book a specific adventure oriented trip you could just add some adventurous activities to your typical vacation getaway. No matter where in the world you choose to go there are almost always hiking tours, local cultural excursions or some sort of adrenaline pumping activity to engage in.

International Travel Requirements And Discounts

Adding adventure to your travel plans doesn’t have to be expensive. Trust me, there are plenty of deals to found online you just need to know where to look. Adventure travel planning requires both diligence and knowledge.

For more travel planning information be sure to check out the following site:

Travel Portal A worldwide travel directory featuring travel deals, travel photos and travel blogs.

Last but not least, if you’re trip involves international travel, planning the trip should always include frequent checks on travel advisories. Most government websites post up to date travel advisories for the safety of their citizens. However,WorldNomads.com’s Travel Safety page is another great resource.

Make sure to always make safety a priority when adventure travel planning.

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