Discover Why Africa Adventure Travel Is So Captivating

The continent of Africa has been portrayed throughout the years as a both a wild and wondrous place. Being the birthplace of modern man, no other place in the world has the same kind of primal allure that Africa adventure travel has. In spite of all this, cheap Africa travel packages are not that hard to find! Savage yet hypnotically serene, Africa captivates the hearts and minds of adventure travellers everywhere.

Africa Adventure
Africa Adventure

Africa’s landscape is as diverse as it is immense! From its tropical rain forests to its bone dry deserts, Africa is probably best known for its extremes. Explorers of all stripes have been engaging in Jungle Tourism and Safaris for decades. Not to mention riding camels and enjoying the hospitality of the Berbers.

Of course that is not to say that Africa doesn’t have its drawbacks. The political climate is less than favourable in many of its countries. So be sure to check out any travel advisories that may be in effect before planning your vacation. Plus, you never want to be left stranded anywhere let alone in Africa without the proper adventure travel insurance.

Adventurous Africa Travel Destination Ideas

Below are some of the most popular Africa travel destination ideas for adventure travellers.

Morocco Adventure Travel

If riding a camel through the Sahara Desert is something that you’ve dreamed about experiencing than you need to check out what adventure travel in Morocco has to offer!

Travel Tips Kenya

Need help with Kenya travel ideas? In a county like Kenya travel safaris are the norm. However, there are also some great hiking and sailing opportunities as well. Kenya is also one of those cheap Africa travel destinations with some packages starting at $99 per night!

South Africa Travel Packages

South Africa is one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. Offering up a virtual buffet of choices for the adventure traveller. Whether it’s diving the many ship wrecks off the Cape of Good Hope or enjoying an overland safari; South Africa travel packages are packed with adventure.

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Africa’s diverse yet picturesque landscape, abundant wildlife, historic sites as well as all the cheap Africa travel packages available make this continent a true hot spot for adventure travellers. Whether you’re riding camels in Morocco or on a safari in Kenya, Africa adventure travel packages will definitely exceed your expectations.

Do you have an Africa adventure travel experience you’d like to share?

We would love to hear about your Africa adventure travel experience! Please share your favourite destinations and activities with us.


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