Cruises, Tours And Family Oriented Adventure Travels

Family Oriented Adventure Travels
Family Oriented Adventure Travels

Adventure travels are vacations that cater to very specialized activities or groups of people. For instance, some people may want to experience the excitement of an adventure package while enjoying all of the benefits that come with a luxury cruise. Or perhaps you’re an adventurous single mother looking to take a well deserved vacation. In this day and age there is always something available for every person looking to satisfy their desire for thrills & excitement.

Sports Travel

Featuring activities such as snowboarding, bungee jump and white water rafting this package is geared towards the extreme sports fanatic.

Women’s Adventure

There are just as many travel destinations geared towards women as there are for men. We’ve found some great destinations and activities perfectly suited for women.

Air Cruise Discount Travel

Looking to fly to an exotic destination? Why not experience everything that location has to offer by taking a cruise once you’re there? Better yet why not do it at a discounted rate? Sound like something you’d be interested in? This is your guide to adventure!

World Travel Single Moms

If anybody deserves to take a break and see the world it’s an overworked single mother. World travel and adventure single mom’s style can be done with the kids or without whichever way you chose it’s an exciting and fun getaway!

Worldwide Travel

A world tour or cruise is a great way to spice up a vacation if you have a lot of time and money on your hands!

CriKey Adventure Tours – We are a West Australian tour company that prides itself in providing you with fun and friendly tours where you are not “one of the crowd” but a unique individual and the most important element in your tour. (Link opens in a new window)

Cruising in Silverdale Washington

Silverdale Washington is quickly becoming a hot spot for active tourists. Fantastic scenery, Olympic National Park and Geocaching are just some of the reasons why.

Tour Cruise & World Travel

There are many exciting ways to see the world. Sometimes the best way is to diversify your means of travel.

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