Bran Castle Is Just One Of The Many Historical Locations To Explore With Romania Adventure Travel

For decades Romania was one of those small eastern European countries stuck in obscurity. Best known as being the home to the fictional Count Dracula of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, Romania is a country firmly rooted in its medieval heritage.


While “Dracula” was most certainly a fictional character he is loosely based on a very real Romanian National hero, Vlad Tepes. This connection to current popular culture has resulted in a small but vibrant tourist industry catering to a niche audience infatuated with vampire culture.

However, travel in Romania has a lot to offer adventure tourists as well. This ancient country riddled with small communities throughout its countryside offers hikers a time travel experience like no other. Romania prides itself on the beauty of its natural geography as well as its storied history.

It also boasts Europe’s second largest underground glacier, Scarisoara glacier. With a 154 foot deep entrance shaft and 20 foot high ice stalagmites the Scarisoara ice-cave has some amazing natural ice features and best of all its open to the public!

Home to the Carpathian Mountain Range and Europe’s second largest river the “Danube” as well as the Black Sea, adventure travellers can indulge in climbing, biking, hiking, horse riding, skiing, camping, cycling and/or river rafting. It is also home to some 3500 lakes ranging in size from small to medium. The most spectacular of which are the glacial lakes in the Carpathian Mountains.

Romania adventure travel is probably best known for its hiking opportunities. Besides the obvious opportunities with the Carpathian Mountains; many adventure travellers will find hiking through the back country a visually pleasing and culturally fascinating experience. Ancient forests and Roman roads still connect the remarkably preserved small medieval villages of Romania.

Often the best place to find and get to know the local inhabitants is at the local pub. Seriously, what better way is there to truly enjoy and get to know the local culture than by engaging in what can only be described as a medieval pub crawl; travelling from one small village pub to the next.

The beauty of Romania’s picturesque landscape is only matched by the hospitality of its people. Romanians are believed to be some of the friendliest people in the world. Many of them still make a living at time honoured traditional trades such as, shepherding, blacksmithing and carpentry.

Of course, no adventure travel in Romania would be complete without a trip to Transylvania. After all, Transylvania has some of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns; Brasov, Sibiu & Sighisoara being the most notable. Plus, let’s not forget about all the castles & fortresses that pepper the countryside.

Numbering in the hundreds these historical sites will amaze and astound you. The most popular of which being the Bran castle home to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Other castles and fortresses of interest include:

    • Biertan Fortified Church
    • Calnic Fortified Church
    • Cisnadie Fortified Church
    • Corvinesti Castle in Hunedoara
    • Cristian Fortified Church
    • Darjiu Fortified Church
    • Fagaras Fortress
    • Harman Fortified Church
    • Peles Castle in Sinaia
    • Prejmer Fortified Church
    • Rasnov Fortress
    • Saschiz Fortified Church
    • Valea Viilor Fortified Church
  • Viscri Fortified Church

Romania adventure travel is brimming with beautiful landscapes and historical significance. Virtually every step you take in this country will have you exploring its vivid history and rich culture. Is it any wonder why Romania l is considered to be one of the world’s top lesser known adventure travel destinations?

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