Discover Why Africa Adventure Travel Is So Captivating

The continent of Africa has been portrayed throughout the years as a both a wild and wondrous place. Being the birthplace of modern man, no other place in the world has the same kind of primal allure that Africa adventure travel has. In spite of all this, cheap Africa travel packages are not that hard to find! Savage yet hypnotically serene, Africa captivates the hearts and minds of adventure travellers everywhere.

Africa Adventure
Africa Adventure

Africa’s landscape is as diverse as it is immense! From its tropical rain forests to its bone dry deserts, Africa is probably best known for its extremes. Explorers of all stripes have been engaging in Jungle Tourism and Safaris for decades. Not to mention riding camels and enjoying the hospitality of the Berbers.

Of course that is not to say that Africa doesn’t have its drawbacks. The political climate is less than favourable in many of its countries. So be sure to check out any travel advisories that may be in effect before planning your vacation. Plus, you never want to be left stranded anywhere let alone in Africa without the proper adventure travel insurance.

Adventurous Africa Travel Destination Ideas

Below are some of the most popular Africa travel destination ideas for adventure travellers.

Morocco Adventure Travel

If riding a camel through the Sahara Desert is something that you’ve dreamed about experiencing than you need to check out what adventure travel in Morocco has to offer!

Travel Tips Kenya

Need help with Kenya travel ideas? In a county like Kenya travel safaris are the norm. However, there are also some great hiking and sailing opportunities as well. Kenya is also one of those cheap Africa travel destinations with some packages starting at $99 per night!

South Africa Travel Packages

South Africa is one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. Offering up a virtual buffet of choices for the adventure traveller. Whether it’s diving the many ship wrecks off the Cape of Good Hope or enjoying an overland safari; South Africa travel packages are packed with adventure.

Places In South Africa Western Cape – Come experience the wonderful places in South Africa that we love so much. This site is all about the Western Cape South Africa. Traveling, accommodation and general insiders info. (Opens in new window)

Africa’s diverse yet picturesque landscape, abundant wildlife, historic sites as well as all the cheap Africa travel packages available make this continent a true hot spot for adventure travellers. Whether you’re riding camels in Morocco or on a safari in Kenya, Africa adventure travel packages will definitely exceed your expectations.

Do you have an Africa adventure travel experience you’d like to share?

We would love to hear about your Africa adventure travel experience! Please share your favourite destinations and activities with us.


Singapore Adventure Travel – An Exploration Of Nature & Culture

Benefiting from one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world, travel in Singapore is among the most interesting and unique. The culture and history will literally draw you in, along the way, getting into your blood in a way that makes you want to return again and again to explore the area.

Known as one of the four Tigers of Asia, Singapore is an incredibly lovely place. You can see the sights and sounds of Singapore and avoid the tourist crowds if you so desire by visiting some of the vast array of off-the-beaten-path locations.

Singapore Travel And Tourism Information For Adventure Tourists
Singapore Travel And Tourism Information For Adventure Tourists

Singapore Travel And Tourism Information For Adventure Tourists

The culture of Singapore is enticing and the food literally remarkable. You will want to experience as much as you can while you travel in Singapore. A few “off the beaten path” locations include:

Chinatown Heritage Centre – Singapore history comes alive when you visit the Heritage Centre. The center is literally alive with the past and present, stories of how Singapore was settled and how the culture has evolved. If you’re interested in the colourful and fascinating history of Singapore, it all starts here.

Are you hungry for a taste of the outdoors? The climate in Singapore is nothing if not welcoming. Take advantage of that climate when you visit MacRitchie Reservoir Park. The park is the country’s oldest reservoir. You can spend some time jogging, sailing, fishing, or just relaxing in a beach chair. However, the truly adventurous will want to hike the TreeTop Walk. A 4.5km long free standing suspension bridge connecting the two highest points in MacRitchie; Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang.

Singapore adventure travel would not be complete without a look at some of the smaller villages and towns. One such area that is not to be missed during your visit to Singapore is Pulau Ubin. A tiny village area, it is home to only 100 odd people. Visit the area and find the kind of welcome that any traveller would be thrilled with. The local people here are welcoming and friendly, many times offering a meal or a look at their fascinating lifestyle.

Pulau Ubin is also home to The Ketam Mountain Bike Park, Singapore’s first park to meet international standards for mountain biking competitions. This 45-ha park caters to both leisure cycling as well as international competition. With a number of tracks featuring different levels of difficulty and riding styles Ketam Mountain Bike Park is a must visit location for active adventure tourists travelling in Singapore.

For those travellers on a cultural adventure no visit to Singapore would be complete without a visit to Tiger Balm Gardens. This Singapore theme park offers you more than 100 dioramas and as you wander, you will view more than one thousand statues that range from whimsical to classical.

Singapore plays host to a staggering number of festivals annually. When you are in Singapore, make it a point to seek out the ethnic festivals taking place there, including Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese.

Once you’ve finished touring Singapore you’ll definitely want to experience what some of the other southeast Asian countries have to offer. The best way to do so is by a “roaming” tour such as Gap’s Colours of Asia – Singapore to Bangkok. Roaming tours provide you with prearranged accommodations and transportation allowing you to roam where you want to and choose your own activities.

Make sure you enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the tastes of the many different cultures that have shaped this country with a Singapore adventure travel vacation.

Adventure Travel In Mongolia Travel Tips For Those Looking For A Truly Rustic Experience!

If you were to ask the “average person” about their knowledge of Mongolia, you likely will hear a cursory history lesson about the life of Genghis Khan. Beyond that, most people are not very familiar with the history, culture, and traditions of Mongolia. Yet, there is much more to Mongolia than most people realize as evidenced by the many amazing adventure travel Mongolia trips you could take part in.

Horseback Travel In Mongolia
Horseback Travel In Mongolia

Yes, there are scores of adventurous type vacations you could take in Mongolia. Before you look at a few Mongolia travel tips to set up your journey, here is a little insight into the region:

Mongolia is located in between Russia and China and occupies a significant land mass on the Asian continent. Roughly 2.5 million people live in Mongolia. The political system of the nation is a parliamentary republic and the culture is heavily influenced by Tibet Buddhism.

There are a great many adventure travel Mongolia activities you can take part in as this region of the world is hardly known for being dull.

Of all the Mongolia travel tips out there the most vital one I can give you is to be ready to try something different. This does not refer to just trying the local cuisine (Which, by the way, is recommended). No, this refers to taking part in some truly unique Mongolian centric activities.

Are you interested in hunting? If so, have you ever thought of hunting with an…eagle? Mongolia has a rich history of training birds to hunt foxes and other animals. Those that wish to experience an incredibly unique way of hunting will likely find eagle and falcon hunting activities to be truly memorable.

Horseback Travel In Mongolia

Of course, those that wish a more “laid back” activity could always enjoy exploring Mongolia via horseback. Outfitters is the name given to those that travel the land on horseback and you will likely find joining them to be among the most fun activities that you take part in. With horseback travel in Mongolia you can travel along the grassy steps and see Mongolia in all its glory.

You also have the option of visiting the desert region which can be quite an interesting and exciting site to behold. Just take the appropriate measures to hire the right guide as the sands of the desert in this part of the world are not known for being tame.

One of the more unique activities you could take part in would be learning how to wrestle Mongolian style. The history and culture of Mongolia has long since promoted indigenous wrestling competitions. The rules are slightly different than other common wrestling styles, but if you are a fan of modern mixed martial arts fighting then you will find taking a few lessons in the art of Mongolian wrestling to be eye-opening and interesting.

Naadam Festival

By far the best way to experience Mongolian culture is by attending the Naadam Festival. Witness the unique art of Mongolian wrestling, watch archers compete at hitting near impossible targets, listen to the haunting sounds of throat singing and watch horses race across this amazing landscape. Then top it all off with an authentic Mongolian barbecue.

There are scores of other activities you can take part in when you engage in adventure travel Mongolia trips. This is why so many will venture to this region of Asia when they are looking for exciting travels. Granted, things are somewhat less adventurous than the days of Genghis Khan but they still have an air of intrigue.

Adventure Travel to Mongolia

Learn when and why you should travel, travel requirements to Mongolia and check out the best deals on how to get there. (Opens in new window)

Bran Castle Is Just One Of The Many Historical Locations To Explore With Romania Adventure Travel

For decades Romania was one of those small eastern European countries stuck in obscurity. Best known as being the home to the fictional Count Dracula of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, Romania is a country firmly rooted in its medieval heritage.


While “Dracula” was most certainly a fictional character he is loosely based on a very real Romanian National hero, Vlad Tepes. This connection to current popular culture has resulted in a small but vibrant tourist industry catering to a niche audience infatuated with vampire culture.

However, travel in Romania has a lot to offer adventure tourists as well. This ancient country riddled with small communities throughout its countryside offers hikers a time travel experience like no other. Romania prides itself on the beauty of its natural geography as well as its storied history.

It also boasts Europe’s second largest underground glacier, Scarisoara glacier. With a 154 foot deep entrance shaft and 20 foot high ice stalagmites the Scarisoara ice-cave has some amazing natural ice features and best of all its open to the public!

Home to the Carpathian Mountain Range and Europe’s second largest river the “Danube” as well as the Black Sea, adventure travellers can indulge in climbing, biking, hiking, horse riding, skiing, camping, cycling and/or river rafting. It is also home to some 3500 lakes ranging in size from small to medium. The most spectacular of which are the glacial lakes in the Carpathian Mountains.

Romania adventure travel is probably best known for its hiking opportunities. Besides the obvious opportunities with the Carpathian Mountains; many adventure travellers will find hiking through the back country a visually pleasing and culturally fascinating experience. Ancient forests and Roman roads still connect the remarkably preserved small medieval villages of Romania.

Often the best place to find and get to know the local inhabitants is at the local pub. Seriously, what better way is there to truly enjoy and get to know the local culture than by engaging in what can only be described as a medieval pub crawl; travelling from one small village pub to the next.

The beauty of Romania’s picturesque landscape is only matched by the hospitality of its people. Romanians are believed to be some of the friendliest people in the world. Many of them still make a living at time honoured traditional trades such as, shepherding, blacksmithing and carpentry.

Of course, no adventure travel in Romania would be complete without a trip to Transylvania. After all, Transylvania has some of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns; Brasov, Sibiu & Sighisoara being the most notable. Plus, let’s not forget about all the castles & fortresses that pepper the countryside.

Numbering in the hundreds these historical sites will amaze and astound you. The most popular of which being the Bran castle home to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Other castles and fortresses of interest include:

    • Biertan Fortified Church
    • Calnic Fortified Church
    • Cisnadie Fortified Church
    • Corvinesti Castle in Hunedoara
    • Cristian Fortified Church
    • Darjiu Fortified Church
    • Fagaras Fortress
    • Harman Fortified Church
    • Peles Castle in Sinaia
    • Prejmer Fortified Church
    • Rasnov Fortress
    • Saschiz Fortified Church
    • Valea Viilor Fortified Church
  • Viscri Fortified Church

Romania adventure travel is brimming with beautiful landscapes and historical significance. Virtually every step you take in this country will have you exploring its vivid history and rich culture. Is it any wonder why Romania l is considered to be one of the world’s top lesser known adventure travel destinations?

International Travel Requirements And Planning Ahead For Your Trip

Everyone should travel abroad at least once in their lifetime. It’s an experience that can bring you new friends, new accomplishments, and also a new-found understanding of what this kind of travel requires. It may seem to you that regardless of where you are traveling, all international travel requirements are the same. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Every country has its own requirements for those who will visit. They include unique considerations about visas, passports, health immunizations and even what you can bring with you into their country. It is imperative that you consider all of those rules and follow them to the letter, in order to be legally able to enter the country, as well as to leave it.

Nearby countries to the United States, such as Canada or Mexico require only that you have a passport card as one of their international travel requirements. This holds true for visitors who have the roadways as a port of entry, but not if you are visiting the country by air. For that type entry, you still need a typical passport to travel.

Many countries hold different kinds of rules when it comes to visas as well. For example in Mexico, you will not be required to have a traditional visa if you are a United States traveller, while an air trip to France requires that you do have a visa if you will be in France more than 90 days. Explore the international travel requirements that are appropriate for the country to which you will travel. Plan well in advance, so that you’re ready long before the date of departure, in case you run into a few snags along the way.

Looking for adventure in international travel today is one of the most common reasons to go to another country, as opposed to travel for educational or business purposes. In reality, all travel is adventure travel of one type or another. It’s going to offer you the chance to explore new places and to see things that you’ve never done before.

Mexico is a great place for real adventure travel, offering you the opportunity to explore Mayan ruins, rain forests and near desert areas, all in the same country. The United Kingdom brings you literally thousands of years of history and culture to explore and is another type of adventure international travel all on its own.

International Air Travel Discount

International air travel today is a great deal less costly than you might imagine. With a wide array of travel deals out there for you, it’s possible to find flight even to Australia for under a thousand dollars, while travel to Mexico can cost far less.

Exploration of the various websites online that offer you not only great deals on low cost travel, as well as international travel requirements for each country will be well worth your time. Just as you would comparison shop for anything else, so too, comparison shopping for travel is in your best interests.

Why not save a few dollars on your international travel? Requirements and other considerations must be taken into account, but so should the cost. Whatever you save on travel is just one more souvenir you can bring back home from your adventure and international travels.

Medical Travel Insurance Coverage Is Not Optional For The Adventure Tourist

Medical travel insurance coverage is an essential component of travel planning especially when travelling abroad. Most people when they see or hear the words “travel insurance” immediately think of cancellation coverage or lost baggage protection. After all, that is what most travellers end up purchasing. However, for the adventure tourist something a little more comprehensive is recommended for their adventure insurance & travel coverage.

Medical travel insurance coverage is a must have for the adventure traveller. It’s your security net should you find yourself in need of medical attention. Given the fact that you’re likely going to be participating in some sort of physical activity this coverage really isn’t an option.

However, you have to make sure that the coverage you choose will provide the necessary protection. If you’re not planning on doing any high risk extreme sports I highly recommend checking out Get a Free 10-Day Look with Allianz Global Assistance, the world leader in travel insurance. Get a free quote now.

One of the first things I look at when deciding upon adventure insurance & travel protection is not what’s being covered but what the policy excludes. Most medical travel insurance policies provide comparable coverage, it’s what they don’t cover that separates them. Therefore, pay close attention to the exclusion clauses.

Many policies will single out certain activities for exclusion, such as mountain climbing, hang gliding etc. If you plan on trying any of these activities while on vacation you’ll more than likely need to purchase a “hazardous sports” or “extreme sports” insurance rider.

You should also pay close attention to what costs the provider is willing to pay for up front. Some providers will only reimburse you later for costs incurred. While others will cover those costs only if you call them first for directions to their nearest service provider of choice. These details are important to know because if you don’t follow their explicit instructions on how to proceed or where to go for service they may only cover a certain percentage of the costs or worse- none at all.

Where To Find The Best Medical Insurance For Extreme Sports Travel

If you’re planning on booking your trip through an authorized travel agent or agency they’ll be able to provide you with an appropriate plan based your activities. However, if you plan on doing all the booking yourself that means you’ll have to find your own insurance provider and package.

In my opinion one of the best provider of medical insurance for travel particularly when it comes to extreme sports is This company offers a wide range of travel products and services. On their site you will find:

  • Insurance Quotes
  • Language Guides
  • Destination Guides
  • Travel Journals
  • Travel Scholarships
  • Contests & Competitions

All of which are offered for free on their website. Plus, there’s one main feature they offer that really separates them from the pack- flexibility! Most insurance providers require you to purchase your policy before you leave on your trip and they rarely if ever allow you to extend it while travelling. allows you to do both.

Adventure Travel Companies

Adventure Travel Companies Provide Security

Adventure Travel Companies
Adventure Travel Companies

Adventure travel companies are the perfect option for travellers who don’t want to worry about planning every little detail of their trip. They provide a level of security that might not otherwise exist when you take on the responsibility of planning your excursion.

There are literally dozens of businesses offering services that help you to make travel arrangements. Whether it’s to distant parts of the world or close to home, you will find companies that cater to all manner of activities including trekking, camping in the jungle, hiking and much more.

Usually, the better companies are members of one if not all of the following organizations:

    • The Adventure Travel Trade Association
    • Sustainable Travel International
  • The International Ecotourism Society

The advantage of considering companies that are associated with these organizations is that you can count on them abiding by a set of ethical standards and having a good reputation in the community. These standards are meant to protect not only the travellers but the destinations as well.

Once you have decided on the destination and possible activities for your trip, all that remains is to find the right company. Below you will find a brief overview and links to the top three adventure travel companies online according to the National Geographic Society.


Gap Adventures is a global travel company offering tours on all seven continents. They have more than 1000 itineraries and service 85,000 clients a year. They pride themselves on offering the widest selection of affordable small group tours, safaris and expeditions to more than 100 countries around the world. Over the past 20 years GAP Adventures has risen to become one of the top adventure companies throughout the world.

For over two decades, Wildland Adventures has been leading the way in adventure travel and ecotourism, not just to new destinations, but pioneering new approaches to travel. They are a culturally and environmentally responsible travel agency that believes “tourism should contribute to conservation and benefit local communities”.

Wildland Adventures has numerous accolades from organizations such as National Geographic, Time Magazine, Travel & Leisure Magazine & Martha Stewart Living just to name a few.

For over 40 years Mountain Travel Sobek has been providing the broadest range of active adventure travel trips around the world. They offer small group adventures, private adventures and customized adventures. They currently offer around 200 adventures to destinations worldwide.

You certainly can’t go wrong with deciding to book with any of the companies listed here. I personally prefer the pricing and selection that GAP Adventure has to offer but you be your own judge.