Get Inspired By Germany

Get Inspired By Germany

Beautiful Sights to See

If you would like to be inspired by some magnificent sights I would highly recommend traveling to Germany. Splendid scenery will leave you inspired by the beauty that can still be found in this world. You will find quaint villages in Germany along with a bit of city life too. There is years of history that can be devoured and explored. It will not matter what your tastes prefer because there is something that can be enjoyed by anyone in Germany. To name a few places and sights:

  • You will find parks that show off much English style garden beauty.
  • The startling concentration camp memorial
  • Baroque palaces
  • Convivial beer gardens
  • Rowdy beer halls
  • Stately churches
  • Many museums
  • Areas of the Alps

Enjoy your travels to Germany as here is the best place in Europe to have a fun weekend getaways for couples . You are sure to find just the right spot for you. You must see Berlin. The vibrant capital features much architecture and offers monuments and a history full of memories. You can even spice up your visit with a night out in the trendy capital.

HALLSTATT AUSTRIA Puzzle 2000 elementów CASTOR
HALLSTATT AUSTRIA Puzzle 2000 elementów CASTOR

Music in Germany

Mozart lovers and for those who enjoyed The Sound of Music will be happy to still hear music echoing in Salzburg and Berchtesgaden. Here you will see the intense and dramatic castles. You can stroll along the many winding paths. You just might fall into the peaceful alpine scenery. There is even some Germany history to be found here.

Study in Germany

There are many opportunities for those who might like to study abroad in Germany. International students are more than welcome in Germany. They provide many places for students to learn. There is much history in Germany for students to enjoy and to learn. If you are contemplating studying abroad, I would recommend Germany.

A Trip Agent Can Make Your Location Fantasies Become Reality.

A Trip Agent Can Make Your Location Fantasies Become RealityHere are ten major reasons that explain why tour agents make better travel planers than a domain booking agency : one. The Highest Value for Your Holiday Greenback : the executives can help your greenbacks go further because they have accessibility to the deals – flights, hostels, autos, even dinner out! Two.

Pro travel specialists can help find the ideal place to remain – a hotel with a view of the sea in Hawaii, a jungle shed in the Nilgiri foothills… Awareness of All of the Fine details : Travel planners can familiarise you with the local laws and rules for your travel destination. A trip agent can make your location fantasies become reality. This is extremely important if you are going to another country.

They’re the ideal medium to use when you wish to go somewhere with a restricted budget. They’re updated with the newest deals and offers that grant large reductions on a selection of destinations around the globe. Tell them your financial position and desired destinations alongside your intended holiday times to get the very finest flight ticket deals and reductions for your requirements in record breaking time. You’ll find them quite simply by looking in the local yellow pages or by finding their contact info on the web. Info on climate conditions, bistros, traveller attractions, and other such mandatory info are also provided. Most agents guidance you on destinations and make arrangements for hotel stays, transport, tours, automobile rentals, for example. A good travel advisor could also take the difficulty of checking out hotel services to gage their level of service so that they can base references on a first hand report.

With the changing times, the travel industry saw a massive development apropos Net bookings and travel related info supplied on the net. There’s a brilliant ‘advanced search’ feature which will let you question by destination or speciality. Using a professional travel pro not only has the benefit of having your travel planning for done for you but you’ll also gain useful insight and doubtless a discounted rate to boot! These charges aren’t a big price to pay for what could be hours of the agents time ( and remember the agent only gets a little proportion of that charge – most goes to the agency ), but if you’re paying any more than the standard charges, you are paying too much. All of trip booker profiles won’t only display name and contact info, but will also give info on their special fields and languages spoken. The most probable chance you have of being ripped off is if you have not managed to research, and get wrapped up in the agent’s enthused sales methods ( always beware the most hopeful and keen agent ). If you tell the agent ‘it’s my first time away’ your odds of paying too much increase significantly. Agents will size up how much you know about your destination, the present cost of flights and accommodation before referencing you a cost. While it’s straightforward enough to book RTW trips on the net many individuals still stick with an agent, and leave themselves exposed to overcharging in the procedure.

Fun Family Adventure Travel Ideas

Family Adventure Travel vacations may seem a little intimidating for some. There’s no question that most families tend to go to a beach or head off to a resort for their vacation. What many people don’t realize is that there’s a whole world full of fun family friendly adventure opportunities.

Family Adventure Travel
Family Adventure Travel

Some fun family travel ideas include camping and hiking in exotic locales like Vietnam and Nepal. You can also hire qualified guides to teach your family new hobbies and sports in places such as Malaysia or Singapore.

Family Travel Adventures

For those who don’t normally take advantage of the nature that surrounds them a family travel adventure can be as close as a state park. However, many families are now beginning to consider other more exotic locales instead.

For those who can afford it you can choose from locations such as the Outback in Australia or the Fjords of Scandinavia. Have you ever considered whitewater rafting in China? How about hiking in Eastern Europe? New adventures are constantly being discovered by families every year.

Most packages take care of the organizing and scheduling for you by including transportation, guides and equipment rentals. Pricing usually begins at a around a thousand dollars for a one week stay and can increase significantly depending on the length of stay and activities chosen.

Cancun Family Travel Adventures

Most people recognize Cancun Mexico as being a haven for young spring break enthusiasts. However, there’s more to Cancun than just all-inclusive resorts and rowdy teens. For instance did you now that you can explore pre-columbian Mayan ruins? Plus, Cancun offers many hobbyist pursuits such as snorkeling, kayaking & sports fishing.

Adventurous Family Travel To Italy

By far one of the best ways to experience Italy is by bicycle. If you and your family are fairly active there are a number of bike tours that will have you exploring this incredibly beautiful country via the back roads!

Family Oriented Travel Accommodations

If you decide to organize the trip yourself you have total control over the lodgings that your family will stay at. Just be sure to thoroughly research the place before booking so that you don’t end up regretting your decision. Be sure to check out our page on adventure travel planning for more information.

Adventure travel packages usually have their guests moving from hotel to hotel as they partake in various activities in different locations. You could be trekking through a lush rainforest one day and whitewater rafting the next.

Transportation is almost always provided. Plus, professional guides will ensure that each member of your family is safe and well prepared to enjoy the activities of the day.

If your family is tired of the usual vacation destinations, try adding a little adventure into their lives. Banish the bored child syndrome for good with a family adventure travel vacation.

Cruises, Tours And Family Oriented Adventure Travels

Family Oriented Adventure Travels
Family Oriented Adventure Travels

Adventure travels are vacations that cater to very specialized activities or groups of people. For instance, some people may want to experience the excitement of an adventure package while enjoying all of the benefits that come with a luxury cruise. Or perhaps you’re an adventurous single mother looking to take a well deserved vacation. In this day and age there is always something available for every person looking to satisfy their desire for thrills & excitement.

Sports Travel

Featuring activities such as snowboarding, bungee jump and white water rafting this package is geared towards the extreme sports fanatic.

Women’s Adventure

There are just as many travel destinations geared towards women as there are for men. We’ve found some great destinations and activities perfectly suited for women.

Air Cruise Discount Travel

Looking to fly to an exotic destination? Why not experience everything that location has to offer by taking a cruise once you’re there? Better yet why not do it at a discounted rate? Sound like something you’d be interested in? This is your guide to adventure!

World Travel Single Moms

If anybody deserves to take a break and see the world it’s an overworked single mother. World travel and adventure single mom’s style can be done with the kids or without whichever way you chose it’s an exciting and fun getaway!

Worldwide Travel

A world tour or cruise is a great way to spice up a vacation if you have a lot of time and money on your hands!

CriKey Adventure Tours – We are a West Australian tour company that prides itself in providing you with fun and friendly tours where you are not “one of the crowd” but a unique individual and the most important element in your tour. (Link opens in a new window)

Cruising in Silverdale Washington

Silverdale Washington is quickly becoming a hot spot for active tourists. Fantastic scenery, Olympic National Park and Geocaching are just some of the reasons why.

Tour Cruise & World Travel

There are many exciting ways to see the world. Sometimes the best way is to diversify your means of travel.

Indulge Your Adventurous Longings With A Luxury Adventure Travel Vacation

To me luxury adventure travel almost seems like an oxymoron… almost. What I find most appealing about adventure travel is the experiential factor; meeting with the locals and experiencing their cultures and customs as well as discovering those “off-the-beaten-path” hidden gem locations.

I’m a camper at heart so I find it hard to understand how you can get a truly authentic cultural experience if at the end of the day you opt to stay at a 5 start hotel that caters to your every need. Although, my wife would beg to differ.

Luxury Adventure Travel Vacation
Luxury Adventure Travel Vacation

Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford to take one of these luxury adventure travel tours I most certainly would. Envy tends to bring out the condescending side of me. In all seriousness though, luxury adventure travel really does have a lot to offer adventure enthusiasts.

Luxury adventure cruises are a popular way of experiencing adventure travel. They give you a first class yachting experience on the seas while providing you everything you’d expect from adventure travel while on land. European adventure cruises are almost always on smaller luxury yachts while some of the more remote destinations such as Antarctica, Alaska or Scandinavia tend to be on more robust midsize cruise ships.

Luxury Adventure Travel Companies

Companies specializing in this area of travel really know how to take care of you. They have the best tour guides in the business, they will cater the activities to your fitness level plus, they tend to be all-inclusive. I say “tend to” because most luxury tour operators do not cover the cost of alcoholic beverages and have at least one meal free day where you can choose to dine wherever you please.

There are a number of companies that specialize in this kind of travel however, my research shows that the following are generally at the top of the list:

Originally founded as Conservation Corporation Africa (CC Africa), & Beyond has been providing luxury adventure tourists with the most amazing wildlife and wilderness encounters for the past 20 years. They have designed journeys to more than 1200 handpicked destinations and have recently expanded into India. They have made the principles of conservation development and rural community empowerment a cornerstone of their business model.

Butterfield & Robinson
With “Slow down to see the world” as their motto you’d think that Butterfield & Robinson might cater to those travellers who prefer the less active side of adventure travel. However, nothing could be further from the truth. They believe the best way to travel is by bike, foot or boat, but always at your own pace. For more than 40 years they’ve been creating and customizing some of the most culturally rich active luxury tours in the industry.

Founded in 1974 Austin-Lehman is a small adventure travel company whose founders/owners believe that personal customer attention and interaction is the best and only way to run a business. In fact, you’re bound to walk away from one of their trips feeling spoiled beyond belief. Their tour sizes are fairly small, no more than 12 participants for the adult tours and 18 for their family adventures. Their aim is to provide you with the best vacation you’ve ever had!

Geographic Expeditions
Priding itself as being “a pioneer of travel to remote and challenging destinations since 1982”, Geographic Expeditions has one of the largest most varied catalogues of destinations and activities. Their quality and attention to detail as well as traveller safety are some of the standout features of this company.

Kensington Tours
By far one of the most affordable luxury travel vacation operators. Kensington Tours also has one of the lowest guest to guide ratios in the industry; as low as 2:1 for some trips. They specialize in private customized flexible tours with prices that are on average 30-40% less than other luxury travel companies!

If you book with one of these companies you will no doubt have one of the best experiences of your life! They specialize in amazing experiences and carefree travel. You can expect to be staying at the best hotels, travelling in the best vehicles and eating the best food.

Yes, luxury adventure travel most certainly does have a lot to offer the discerning adventure tourist. If you ever have the chance to travel with one of the companies don’t think twice about it, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Unique And Exotic Locations Are What You Can Expect From Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure
Overseas Adventure

For the purposes of this website, being located in the western hemisphere, “Overseas” is any overseas destination not covered elsewhere on this site.

Adventure travel can take you to far off and exotic locations. The cultures you’ll experience are ancient and the landscapes are spectacular. Not only is each location unique but each location usually has an activity or adventure uniquely it’s own.

Adventure Travel in Nepal

Nepal offers travellers the Mount Everest base camp experience. It also offers many hiking and trekking adventures. Nepal is truly a primal and breathtaking experience for any adventure traveller. No asia travel and adventure experience would be complete without a trip to Nepal.

Adventure Travel China

China on the other hand offers you a chance to not only hike but to actually sleep on the Great Wall! China also provides adventure travellers many different types of hiking and trekking excursions.

Adventure Travel Mongolia

Live the life of a local in Mongolia. Travel tips for adventure travellers wishing to experience the simple rustic life of a true Mongol.

Cambodia Adventure Travel

Cambodia’s Jungle Wats and exotic culture are a must see for any traveller. When you take part in Cambodia adventure travel tours you’ll discover and experience the beauty of this amazing country.

Singapore Adventure Travel

With about 23% of Singapore’s land area consisting of forest and nature reserves, active adventurists will have many hiking and trekking opportunities to explore. Plus, Singapore also has many different festivals which makes it great for those looking to immerse themselves in the culture.

Overseas Adventure Travel Tours

If you are the type of person that prefers to have someone who oversees adventure travel planning for them then you need to book with one of the top oversea adventure travel companies.

Adventure Travel South America Tours And Travel Is Packed With Excitment And Fun!

Adventure Travel South America is the best choice for people looking for a variety of experiences. South America travel sites range from rain forests to deserts and everything in between. Travellers can expect a great deal of adventure and fun travelling in South America.

Adventure Travel South America
Adventure Travel South America

If you would like to try a South American tour or travel package you will first need to decide which region of this massive continent you would like to visit. Each location has something uniquely different to offer. So to help you decide here are some interesting facts on South America:

    • Angel Falls in Venezuela is the worlds highest waterfall
    • The Amazon river which runs through Columbia, Peru and Ecuador is the world’s largest
    • The Andes mountain range found on the western coast is the highest range in the world
    • The Patagonian Steppe is America’s largest desert

The South American Continent

South America ranks fourth in terms of continental size. It is a preferred destination because of the imposing Andes mountains, the awesome Amazon River as well as the uniquely exotic Galapagos Islands. Lets not forget the Patagonia Desert! All of which provide travllers with adventure in abundance.

The South American continent has a diverse wilderness of countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru. Once you arrive at your chosen destination adventure practically awaits you! You can begin by hiking down an Incan trail to Machu Picchu, or go horseback riding in Brazil. Plus, there are many adventures to be had in the rainforest or while cruising as well.

You can get even more from adventure travel South America by trying out an escapade taking you to exciting locales. Or you could go on some guided tours and and stay at top class accommodations.

There are many companies around eager to take you to the best South America travel sites. Far off places such as Ecuador and Bolivia where you can visit the towering mountains and the amazing Amazon River. In fact, there are many exciting ways to travel down the Amazon River including dugout canoes.

Taking a trip down the Amazon River allows you to discover the different ecosystems and cultures embodied in the many rainforests in the region. The gushing river will bear you to places in the rainforest where the wildlife is uniquely spectacular. Boating down the river on a raft, kayak or dugout canoe is really an incredible experience.

Your adventure travel South America trip should also have you visiting the Galapagos Islands. These islands offer up excellent and unsurpassed viewing of wildlife not found anywhere else on the planet. Many of the species found here were the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories.

Venezuela Adventure Travel

Venezuela has a lot to offer adventure tourists. It has the 3rd longest river and the highest waterfall!

Inside Peru – If you’ve never been to Peru, well you’ve just got to see it to believe it! Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon Jungle…plus hundreds of lesser-known but completely awesome sights. We know Peru. You can too!

Central American Destinations

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

By far one of the most popular Central American destinations is Costa Rica. Find out more about what adventure travellers can expect from this majestic destination.

Experience Authentic European Culture With Adventure Travel In Europe

There are many things to love about Europe. Its historic sites, art, food and hospitality are but a few. Europe’s cultural diversity and open borders make travelling within it easy as well as fascinating. If you plan to travel to Europe, tips from those who’ve been there can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Travel In Europe – Tips

It’s always a good idea to find out the travel etiquette of your destination beforehand. You are after all a guest in that country. The social norms and standard customs deserve to be respected in order not to offend the locals. If you can earn their respect they may lead you to those hidden gems not typically found on the standard tourist maps. You know the old saying “when in Rome…”

Adventure Cruise Europe
Adventure Cruise Europe

Travel Advice – Europe Travel Destinations And Activities

Active adventure travellers can find some great hiking and trekking opportunities in the Alps, particularly the Dolomites. Adventures also abound in the Scandinavian countries where you can explore the arctic circle, stay in an ice hotel, mush a husky team and take in the beauty of the fjords.

For those of you looking for a truly intimate experience with eastern Europe,Romania Adventure Travel offers just that. Ancient roads and shepherds trails will take you from one small town to another as you trek through the Carpathian mountains.

Adventure Cruise Europe

An adventure cruise of Europe is the perfect way to truly experience the local cultures while exploring their historic sites. You’ll be amazed at the how beautiful the European coastline is as you travel in luxury from one small seaside port to the next.

Adventure Travel Europe & Asia

Overlanding is a popular way of travelling through Europe for many adventure enthusiasts. One of the best things about overland travel is experiencing the cultural diversity as you travel from one country to the next. This is especially true if you plan on crossing over into Asia.

Adventurous Family Travel To Italy

If you plan on travelling to Italy with your family you should really consider checking out the many walking and cycling tours available. They allow you to travel at your own pace giving you the opportunity to live in the moment and truly experience Italy’s breathtaking beauty.

Europe is a continent steeped in history and culture. It’s diversity is matched only by its beauty. Europe travel destinations are a plenty so adventure travel in Europe is guaranteed to be an exciting and enriching experience.

Adventure Travel Canada – Do You Have What it Takes?

One of the most loved and often travelled destination for adventure is Canada. The Canadian wilderness affords you not only the opportunity for adventure, but also breathtaking scenery and a clean, pristine climate throughout most of the country.

The opportunities for adventure travel in Canada are virtually endless. In Canada, more than 75 percent of the country is wilderness area, with relatively small amounts of Canada being settled in larger cities. Even the smaller towns are quite small, with a great deal of wilderness area surrounding them.

Adventure Travel Canada
Adventure Travel Canada

What To Expect From Canada Travel Tours!

Among the many kinds of adventure travel Canada can offer you are:

    • Kayaking
    • Cave tours
    • Spelunking
    • White water rafting
    • Rock Climbing
    • Whale or grizzly bear watching
    • Hiking and camping in extreme wilderness areas

Many of the urban areas even have significant amounts of wooded natural areas to explore.

For instance, less than 5 minutes away from my house we have a conservation area called Westminster Ponds. It’s approximately 200 hectares in size and is considered a Provincially significant wetland. Without a map or a GPS you could easily get lost in there. Believe me, I have!

Adventure travel in Canada might also include:

Yukon Wilderness vacations such as kayaking or canoeing in White Horse using Canada travel guides to help you to get where you need to be.

There are some kinds of Yukon Wilderness vacations which are known as Cabin Fever adventure vacations. These are adventure travel Canada at its absolute best. They might include photography of wildlife, a family trip that would permit you to see orca, grizzly bear, moose and other Canadian wildlife, or even road cycling or mountain biking in Canada. Your view will be breathtaking and the exertion that you put out on one of these tours will be a real challenge to you and to your family.

British Columbia, is the perfect place for an adventure vacation. Adventure travel Canada on the west coast might take you on a wildlife safari that will net you a close and personal experience with Black bear, Grizzly bear, Orca, or a wide array of birds. Hiking and rock climbing are also quite popular here.

Knight inlet, BC, is famed for its wildlife and adventure travel. Canada boasts Knight Inlet as the most spectacular place with the most unique fjord that exists in all of British Columbia. Not only can you view the wildlife here but there is also fishing and hunting available to you in the immediate vicinity.

Vancouver Island Adventures
The Web’s best travel guide to the outdoors of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Join us as we uncover the best places to hike, kayak, surf, zipline, including where to stay and more.

For adventure travel Canada at its absolute best, you won’t want to miss a trip toNorthern Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Canoeing, Kayaking, hiking, backpacking and camping are some of the more popular summer activities. Plus, in the winter you can find guided snowmobiling tours!

Fishing in this part of the world is literally unparalleled, with guided adventure tours or Canada travel guides available to you to see you through canoeing and kayaking trips, Steelhead fishing, rainbow or brown trout, Bass, or even King Salmon. If fishing is your idea of a good time, then an adventure fishing trip to Canada will put you in the middle of a dream come true.

Among the other places to see in Canada are the caves of the Bruce Peninsula. These are an adventure in themselves. Canada boasts literally thousands of caves, many of which are not only an adventure, but offer some level of risk.

You will want to be certain that you have a good guidebook to afford yourself a great adventure, but also a safe adventure. There is, with any kind of adventure, a certain level of risk. It is that risk which offers the biggest draw to many an adventure traveller.

Spelunking, or cave exploration, is possible in many of these caves. The Scenic Caves, located not far from Toronto in Collingwood, Ontario, brings you much more than just a trip into the caves. They offer eco-tours and ziplining as well as a very narrow expansion bridge that is suspended nearly 80 feet above the trees far below.

The caves themselves bring you a view that you simply won’t be able to resist. Make sure that you bring a camera on this awe-inspiring cave trip. The Niagara escarpment, nearly a thousand feet above Georgian Bay is part and parcel of the Cave adventure in Toronto area that you won’t want to miss.

Canada adventure travel is unrivalled in the world, with something for everyone. From birding, to whale watching, to grizzly bear encounters, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, literally any kind of adventure you can dream, you will find in adventure tours Canada style.

Do you have a Canadian adventure travel experience you’d like to share?

We would love to hear about your adventure travel in Canada experience! Please share your favourite destinations and activities with us.

Experience The Raw Beauty Of The Natural World With Adventure Travel In Alaska!

Adventure travel in Alaska is incredibly popular. Alaska’s phenomenal beauty can literally take your breath away. While most forms of travel involve sightseeing and generic tourism, adventure travel to Alaska allows vacationers to actively participate in a number of hobbyist pursuits such as kayaking, rafting, fishing, etc. The Alaskan experience is so special and unique that no other travel destination can come close to offering what adventure travel and Alaska have to offer.

Alaska Adventure
Alaska Adventure

The state of Alaska is quite simply overwhelming in its unique beauty. I know there are many amazing destinations to travel to in the world, but I can almost guarantee that none are as visually breathtaking. Even if you’re not a fan of the ‘great outdoors’ before going to Alaska, you certainly will be after laying yours eyes on its phenomenal beauty.

Alaska Adventure Travel Package

If you are new to adventure travel in Alaska and want to experience a little bit of everything Alaska has to offer you should try an Alaska Adventure Travel Package vacation. Opting for one of these packages will give you a good introduction to the Alaskan experience.

Alaska Adventure Travel

Alaska really is synonymous with adventure. Which is why it has become one of the world’s top destinations for adventure travel enthusiast. Where else can you hike for hours through lush wilderness, white water raft down a glacial river or dog sled along ice-encrusted shorelines?

Adventure travel Alaska not only offers you a wide range of activities it offers amazing sites as well. Take the Aurora Borealis for example, Alaska’s northern lights with shades of green, purple and red, literally seem to dance in the sky. Alaska’s glaciers are also a breathtaking site. There are an estimated 100,000 glaciers in Alaska covering around 3% of the landscape. They can be seen by land, sea or air. No matter which method of viewing you choose the sites are no less stunning.

Alaska is beautiful and breathtaking. Anyone looking for a different kind of vacation should seriously consider a trip to Alaska. The sites and sounds of this beautiful state cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I guarantee that an Alaskan adventure vacation would be an unforgettable one.

Adventure Travel Alaska Outdoor

One of the best ways to experience Alaska is by bicycle. Anchorage has more than 120 miles of paved trails and 300 miles of unpaved and wilderness trails crisscrossing the city. With an adventure travel Alaska outdoor vacation you could bicycle or kayak your way through various locations in Alaska, the Yukon and British Columbia.

For Added Adventure Try Taking an Alaskan Cruise

You can take Alaska adventure travel to another level by opting for a cruise which will take you to different parts of Alaska in order to experience its true diversity. Alaska is way ahead of other adventure travel destinations simply because it has such a diverse landscape.