Adventure Travel South America Tours And Travel Is Packed With Excitment And Fun!

Adventure Travel South America is the best choice for people looking for a variety of experiences. South America travel sites range from rain forests to deserts and everything in between. Travellers can expect a great deal of adventure and fun travelling in South America.

Adventure Travel South America
Adventure Travel South America

If you would like to try a South American tour or travel package you will first need to decide which region of this massive continent you would like to visit. Each location has something uniquely different to offer. So to help you decide here are some interesting facts on South America:

    • Angel Falls in Venezuela is the worlds highest waterfall
    • The Amazon river which runs through Columbia, Peru and Ecuador is the world’s largest
    • The Andes mountain range found on the western coast is the highest range in the world
    • The Patagonian Steppe is America’s largest desert

The South American Continent

South America ranks fourth in terms of continental size. It is a preferred destination because of the imposing Andes mountains, the awesome Amazon River as well as the uniquely exotic Galapagos Islands. Lets not forget the Patagonia Desert! All of which provide travllers with adventure in abundance.

The South American continent has a diverse wilderness of countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru. Once you arrive at your chosen destination adventure practically awaits you! You can begin by hiking down an Incan trail to Machu Picchu, or go horseback riding in Brazil. Plus, there are many adventures to be had in the rainforest or while cruising as well.

You can get even more from adventure travel South America by trying out an escapade taking you to exciting locales. Or you could go on some guided tours and and stay at top class accommodations.

There are many companies around eager to take you to the best South America travel sites. Far off places such as Ecuador and Bolivia where you can visit the towering mountains and the amazing Amazon River. In fact, there are many exciting ways to travel down the Amazon River including dugout canoes.

Taking a trip down the Amazon River allows you to discover the different ecosystems and cultures embodied in the many rainforests in the region. The gushing river will bear you to places in the rainforest where the wildlife is uniquely spectacular. Boating down the river on a raft, kayak or dugout canoe is really an incredible experience.

Your adventure travel South America trip should also have you visiting the Galapagos Islands. These islands offer up excellent and unsurpassed viewing of wildlife not found anywhere else on the planet. Many of the species found here were the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories.

Venezuela Adventure Travel

Venezuela has a lot to offer adventure tourists. It has the 3rd longest river and the highest waterfall!

Inside Peru – If you’ve never been to Peru, well you’ve just got to see it to believe it! Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon Jungle…plus hundreds of lesser-known but completely awesome sights. We know Peru. You can too!

Central American Destinations

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

By far one of the most popular Central American destinations is Costa Rica. Find out more about what adventure travellers can expect from this majestic destination.

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