Adventure Travel In Mongolia Travel Tips For Those Looking For A Truly Rustic Experience!

If you were to ask the “average person” about their knowledge of Mongolia, you likely will hear a cursory history lesson about the life of Genghis Khan. Beyond that, most people are not very familiar with the history, culture, and traditions of Mongolia. Yet, there is much more to Mongolia than most people realize as evidenced by the many amazing adventure travel Mongolia trips you could take part in.

Horseback Travel In Mongolia
Horseback Travel In Mongolia

Yes, there are scores of adventurous type vacations you could take in Mongolia. Before you look at a few Mongolia travel tips to set up your journey, here is a little insight into the region:

Mongolia is located in between Russia and China and occupies a significant land mass on the Asian continent. Roughly 2.5 million people live in Mongolia. The political system of the nation is a parliamentary republic and the culture is heavily influenced by Tibet Buddhism.

There are a great many adventure travel Mongolia activities you can take part in as this region of the world is hardly known for being dull.

Of all the Mongolia travel tips out there the most vital one I can give you is to be ready to try something different. This does not refer to just trying the local cuisine (Which, by the way, is recommended). No, this refers to taking part in some truly unique Mongolian centric activities.

Are you interested in hunting? If so, have you ever thought of hunting with an…eagle? Mongolia has a rich history of training birds to hunt foxes and other animals. Those that wish to experience an incredibly unique way of hunting will likely find eagle and falcon hunting activities to be truly memorable.

Horseback Travel In Mongolia

Of course, those that wish a more “laid back” activity could always enjoy exploring Mongolia via horseback. Outfitters is the name given to those that travel the land on horseback and you will likely find joining them to be among the most fun activities that you take part in. With horseback travel in Mongolia you can travel along the grassy steps and see Mongolia in all its glory.

You also have the option of visiting the desert region which can be quite an interesting and exciting site to behold. Just take the appropriate measures to hire the right guide as the sands of the desert in this part of the world are not known for being tame.

One of the more unique activities you could take part in would be learning how to wrestle Mongolian style. The history and culture of Mongolia has long since promoted indigenous wrestling competitions. The rules are slightly different than other common wrestling styles, but if you are a fan of modern mixed martial arts fighting then you will find taking a few lessons in the art of Mongolian wrestling to be eye-opening and interesting.

Naadam Festival

By far the best way to experience Mongolian culture is by attending the Naadam Festival. Witness the unique art of Mongolian wrestling, watch archers compete at hitting near impossible targets, listen to the haunting sounds of throat singing and watch horses race across this amazing landscape. Then top it all off with an authentic Mongolian barbecue.

There are scores of other activities you can take part in when you engage in adventure travel Mongolia trips. This is why so many will venture to this region of Asia when they are looking for exciting travels. Granted, things are somewhat less adventurous than the days of Genghis Khan but they still have an air of intrigue.

Adventure Travel to Mongolia

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