Adventure Travel Canada – Do You Have What it Takes?

One of the most loved and often travelled destination for adventure is Canada. The Canadian wilderness affords you not only the opportunity for adventure, but also breathtaking scenery and a clean, pristine climate throughout most of the country.

The opportunities for adventure travel in Canada are virtually endless. In Canada, more than 75 percent of the country is wilderness area, with relatively small amounts of Canada being settled in larger cities. Even the smaller towns are quite small, with a great deal of wilderness area surrounding them.

Adventure Travel Canada
Adventure Travel Canada

What To Expect From Canada Travel Tours!

Among the many kinds of adventure travel Canada can offer you are:

    • Kayaking
    • Cave tours
    • Spelunking
    • White water rafting
    • Rock Climbing
    • Whale or grizzly bear watching
    • Hiking and camping in extreme wilderness areas

Many of the urban areas even have significant amounts of wooded natural areas to explore.

For instance, less than 5 minutes away from my house we have a conservation area called Westminster Ponds. It’s approximately 200 hectares in size and is considered a Provincially significant wetland. Without a map or a GPS you could easily get lost in there. Believe me, I have!

Adventure travel in Canada might also include:

Yukon Wilderness vacations such as kayaking or canoeing in White Horse using Canada travel guides to help you to get where you need to be.

There are some kinds of Yukon Wilderness vacations which are known as Cabin Fever adventure vacations. These are adventure travel Canada at its absolute best. They might include photography of wildlife, a family trip that would permit you to see orca, grizzly bear, moose and other Canadian wildlife, or even road cycling or mountain biking in Canada. Your view will be breathtaking and the exertion that you put out on one of these tours will be a real challenge to you and to your family.

British Columbia, is the perfect place for an adventure vacation. Adventure travel Canada on the west coast might take you on a wildlife safari that will net you a close and personal experience with Black bear, Grizzly bear, Orca, or a wide array of birds. Hiking and rock climbing are also quite popular here.

Knight inlet, BC, is famed for its wildlife and adventure travel. Canada boasts Knight Inlet as the most spectacular place with the most unique fjord that exists in all of British Columbia. Not only can you view the wildlife here but there is also fishing and hunting available to you in the immediate vicinity.

Vancouver Island Adventures
The Web’s best travel guide to the outdoors of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Join us as we uncover the best places to hike, kayak, surf, zipline, including where to stay and more.

For adventure travel Canada at its absolute best, you won’t want to miss a trip toNorthern Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Canoeing, Kayaking, hiking, backpacking and camping are some of the more popular summer activities. Plus, in the winter you can find guided snowmobiling tours!

Fishing in this part of the world is literally unparalleled, with guided adventure tours or Canada travel guides available to you to see you through canoeing and kayaking trips, Steelhead fishing, rainbow or brown trout, Bass, or even King Salmon. If fishing is your idea of a good time, then an adventure fishing trip to Canada will put you in the middle of a dream come true.

Among the other places to see in Canada are the caves of the Bruce Peninsula. These are an adventure in themselves. Canada boasts literally thousands of caves, many of which are not only an adventure, but offer some level of risk.

You will want to be certain that you have a good guidebook to afford yourself a great adventure, but also a safe adventure. There is, with any kind of adventure, a certain level of risk. It is that risk which offers the biggest draw to many an adventure traveller.

Spelunking, or cave exploration, is possible in many of these caves. The Scenic Caves, located not far from Toronto in Collingwood, Ontario, brings you much more than just a trip into the caves. They offer eco-tours and ziplining as well as a very narrow expansion bridge that is suspended nearly 80 feet above the trees far below.

The caves themselves bring you a view that you simply won’t be able to resist. Make sure that you bring a camera on this awe-inspiring cave trip. The Niagara escarpment, nearly a thousand feet above Georgian Bay is part and parcel of the Cave adventure in Toronto area that you won’t want to miss.

Canada adventure travel is unrivalled in the world, with something for everyone. From birding, to whale watching, to grizzly bear encounters, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, literally any kind of adventure you can dream, you will find in adventure tours Canada style.

Do you have a Canadian adventure travel experience you’d like to share?

We would love to hear about your adventure travel in Canada experience! Please share your favourite destinations and activities with us.

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