About Us

adventure-600This website Adventure Travel Advisor Online.Com is created, managed, edited, designed and marketed by Randy & Janice Meyer. Our goal with this site is to provide useful, relevant and hopefully interesting information on the topic of adventure travel and adventure travel planning.

We love to travel and we also love the exhilaration you experience from trying something new and exciting. So for us adventure travel is the culmination of two great loves.

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The History Of This Site

I started this website back in 2007. Back then I really didn’t know anything about website development and marketing. All I knew is that I had a passion that I wanted to share with others and I thought that a website would be the best vehicle with which to do so.

Unfortunately, my inexperience and lack of patience caught up with me. I felt overwhelmed. I had a domain name but no physical website. I had no real passion for writing and was beginning to feel intimidated by the whole process.

Not wanting to completely loose my investment I decided to forgo everything that I was taught and jump-start things by putting up free articles. Unfortunately, these articles were poorly written and due to personal issues in my offline life I didn’t have enough time to do a good rewrite.

This was the state of affairs on Adventure Travel Advisor Online for a number of years. Eventually I decided to let the registration expire and the site went offline for about a year.

Back in September of 2010 I decided to resurrect the website. I rewrote all of the useful existing content, redesigned the look and feel of the site and began creating my own new content.

I hope you find the information that I have provided here useful. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience on Adventure Travel Advisor Online.