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hiking-in-the-mountains-mediumImagine yourself viewing glaciers from a boat in Alaska or hiking in the Himalayas! Does the thought of overseas adventure travel intrigue you? If you truly love travel and adventure what’s holding you back? Limited budget? Travel closer to home then. You don’t need to go overseas to find adventure vacations; they can be found almost anywhere.

Vacationing can mean many things to many different people. For some it involves laying on a beach with a cocktail just soaking up the sun. While for others it can involve mountain climbing and bungee jumping or hiking and cycling in new or exotic locations.

For us it involves all of the above! You don’t have to be some hard core extreme sports fanatic to enjoy it. Our goal is to encourage and hopefully inspire you to try something new on your next vacation.

The discovery of new experiences not only enriches your life it can add whole new level to your vacation experience! If you absolutely love to travel and discover new experiences then I think you’ll enjoy your visit here.

I’ve been compiling a list of fascinating places and fun activities that I would like to explore on future vacations. I’m sharing them here for your consideration.

This site will provide you with information on:

    • Planning your next vacation
    • Choosing the right travel insurance package
    • Selecting the perfect destination
    • Finding the right Companies
  • Budget Travel Adventures

There really is nothing quite like the thrill of travelling someplace new. For some the anticipation can be almost as intense as the trip itself!

Travelling off of the beaten path allows you to see sights that are rarely seen by conventional travellers. So if you are truly yearning for something a little different on your next vacation be it overseas or close to home why don’t you consider giving adventure travel a try?


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